Inquiry Report - Towards a Safer Drug Policy

The APPG worked with two Research Officers, Dr Jonathan Hurlow and Frank Warburton, and a team of nine members of Parliament to enquire into the impact of 'legal highs'.

The panel heard evidence from more than twenty key organisations and experts in the drug policy field and produced the report towards a Safer Drug Policy.

The key policy recommendations included the following:-

  • That the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs should become an independent decision making body.

  • That Temporary Class Drug Orders should be of definite duration and should therefore be renamed Drug Supply Control Orders.

  • That the Government should consider introducing a Class D for drugs of limited harm which should be regulated rather than prohibited.

  • That consideration be given to transferring the lead role on drug policy from the Home Office to the Department of Health.

For the full report, please click the link below:
Towards a Safer Drug Policy

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