European Initiative

Fifty years ago the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs was endorsed.  This has ensured that the possession, use and trade in proscribed drugs have been a criminal offence across the globe.

The unintended consequences of this policy are now well recognised, a trade in illicit substances valued at more than $350 billion supports the work of terrorists and criminal gangs.  Millions of people are imprisoned for addiction which is a health problem and entire countries have been devastated by violence generated by the drugs war.

The Presidents of two Latin American countries, Colombia and Guatemala launched the 'Latin American Initiative' - a call for a global debate on drug policy and an examination of drug policy scenarios.  The APPG was asked to seek European support for that initiative.

The aims of the European initiative are:-

  • to bring together European Countries which share a commitment to evidence based drugs policies
  • to gather the reliable evidence on drug policies which is already available
  • to make this information available to others
  • to expand the group to other Countries, and
  • to discuss and seek to agree a paper outlining evidence based policies

For a copy of the European Initiative on Drug Policy Reform, please click the link below:

European Initiative on Drug Policy Reform

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